Discovering the Overlooked

Founded in 2018 by a team of life sciences experts with decades of experience in both human and animal
health, Mizner Bioscience’s mission is to “discover the overlooked”— whether that’s a better delivery system, an improved dosage form, a new indication for a proven therapy, or a way to make medication and treatment more affordable.

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With an aggressive pipeline and a continually expanding portfolio of products, we’re focused on delivering continuous and increasing value to people who love—and care for—the animals that make their lives richer and more rewarding. We’re also animal lovers, we understand the important—and irreplaceable—role they play in our lives, and we have an obligation to make sure they live long, healthy lives.
We also recognize the critically important role animal healthcare professionals play in helping us meet that obligation, and we’re committed to helping our veterinary partners build and sustain successful, thriving practices with innovative products and programs, along with expert service and support. Whether it’s measured in a relieved owner or a wagging tail, your success is our success.
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Savings Without Sacrifice. Quality without Compromise.

It’s no secret that certain brand-name pet medications can be expensive. Generic medications are known for being less expensive than the name-brand versions. More importantly, approved generic medications are required by the FDA to be bioequivalent to their brand name counterparts. This holds true for pet medications as well. Generic pet medications are held to the same standards for safety, effectiveness, strength, stability, and quality that govern the brand names. The only difference is the cost, but they are equally dose appropriate.

Our Pipeline and Process.

We leverage an integrated, in-house team of regulatory, clinical and development professionals, as well as a strong network of CMO and API manufacturers to deliver innovative, cost effective solutions for our veterinary partners.

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This, combined with an in-house regulatory department, allows Mizner Bioscience to effectively navigate product development from the ideation phase, through clinical development, and into post-approval commercial application and pharmacovigilance support.

Whether that means bringing API manufacturing in-house or improving the palatability of an already-proven medication for animal health application, our strategy consistently reflects our mission—to discover the overlooked.